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Heat Pump cleaning
Cleaning your heat pump indoor and outdoor coils yearly will allow your unit to run more efficiently, reduce further maintenance and possible break downs can be avoided. While the technician is cleaning your coil he is also checking your unit for any possible deficiencies. Early spring before the summer heat is the best time for cleaning coils. Your home will feel more comfortable and in doing so can prevent emergency maintenance and provide you with peace of mind in knowing you have a clean machine providing clean air quality.

  • Clean air
  • More Efficient
  • Save Money
  • Reduce down time
  • Prevent future break downs
  • Avoid diagnostic charge

How do heat pumps work?
Air source heat pumps absorb natural warmth from the air outside and gently distribute it throughout your home. They provide affordable comfort all year round, heating in the winter and cooling and dehumidifying in the summer.

What are the differences between ductless and ducted heat pumps?
An air source heat pump can provide whole-home heating and cooling when it is fully ducted throughout the home. These systems are ideal for new home construction, or added to existing forced-air furnace will optimize the efficiency of the heating system.
Ductless heat pump (or mini split systems) makes a good retrofit to homes with “none ducted” heating systems. They are easy to install and work for many home types.

Whether natural or mechanical, homes need ventilation. They are no longer built to leak heat and moisture the way they used to be; we now build them as airtight as we can. This makes mechanical ventilation essential in a high performance home.

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